What is Crowd Testing

Imagine a world where you can earn money every time you find a bug or a mistake in an app or a web service. It happens every day, right? Well, this is Crowd Testing: joining our network you will have the opportunity to try preview of services and Apps, give us the most valuable information and get paid for this.

The Community

Join the community. Give us all the information we need to select you for our testing campaigns and just wait for our calls. When we will need you, we will write you. Becoming a part of our community is simple and we need all kind of Testers: is not request be a particular profile, is the multiprofile our power.

Grow your experience

Every time you try an App or a Website for us, you are growing your experience. More experience you will have more will grow the opportunities to Try Apps and Services. At the end of the month, this will end up to more money for you.


When you will be selected for the test, you will see all the deadlines but is up to you test the App in your spare time or do it straight away. Of course, for us timing is fundamental so you must be committed and trustworthy.


Competition is part of this platform. For the majority of Test campaigns you will play with other tester to find Bugs. This means that fasted you will be to find Bugs more you will paid. Became one of our Tester top player and you will climb the possibility to Test Apps.


All you need is a device which allows you to go online. Every device you have is a value for us. This means smartphones, tablets, Smart TV, wearables. Whit your devices and with our instructions will be very simple install and Test our Apps.

Testing Rules

It is simple, but there must be rules. Here our requirements

Account Details

We will ask you a few informations. Personal details, number and kind of devices, your tastes and preferences. This helps us to involve right people for the right Test

Security and data privacy (NDA)

Anytime you will Test and App for us, you are going to manage sensitive information. For this reason we are going to ask you to handle it in the proper way

Valuable Bugs

The value for us is any valuable Bug. Valuable means that must be monitored by our Quality Managers. Every Bug must be reported in a proper way, we don’t need any type “the App doesn’t work”

Flexible hours

In mobile business, time is all. We are going to ask you to respect short deadline we will give to Test the App. If you don’t have time, don’t apply to the Test. Wait the next one.


Be very precise, Be meaningful, Be descriptive, Be narrative, Be impartial, effective and professional. These are the attitudes we are looking for and that will give you more possibility to raise money with us.


Every kind of job, even if is fun, must have a Code of conduct. Please download our community rules and respect them. This will improve your testing level

What testers are saying

It is an wonderful opportunity to perform an application test on our real devices. App Quality provides reliable testing environment for the better outcomes of the applications, I enjoy a lot to participate in real testing projects and I feel so proud to be a member ot the App Quality tester community...and also for getting paid! Even though I am still studying, I am also getting better testing experience with the help of testing campaigns held at App Quality.

Sathesh Sirimalla, 20yo


Certified ISTQB professional Tester

We are living in an age of mobile applications and in the near future I think that these technologies will grow up. So I said to myself: “Why don’t we contribute to improve what we’ll use everyday?”. What started out as a joke has turned out to be a passion. Wonderful and very professional work team is the cherry on the cake of this great experience in App Quality.

Carlo, 25yo


Qualified Tester, Student

Every time I get involved in a testing campaigns I’m feeling honored and proud to contribute to improve what many people use everyday. The App Quality Team is amazing! As Alan Kay says: The better way to predict the future is to invent it!

Filippo, 23yo


Qualified Tester, Student

My curiosity and my work experience as professional tester allowed me to discover App Quality from the very beginning, in 2016. I found a young, dynamic, trustable and solid reality, with which I could deepen my testing skills, in a totally new way: "The Crowd". Today, after many projects, I am very happy to be part of App Quality testing team! An advice for the newbies: App Quality is like a “testing gym” to improve testing skills and abilities with passion, fun, very clear guidelines and above all ...toghether!

Fabrizio de Fazio


Certified ISTQB professional Tester

I had been looking for the opportunity to work on some projects that would allow me to improve in my App's design and development studies. AppQuality gave me that opportunity by participating in improving the quality of Apps and, at the same time, working with a wonderful team that makes up AppQuality.

Marina Gil Martínez, 39yo


Senior Technician in Computer System Administration

App Quality represents a very interesting opportunity to participate in real testing projects for very important international customers. Being part of App Quality tester community is a good way to complement my main job, by using my testing professional skills in a very enjoyable activity. Last but not least with App Quality crowd I can earn extra money...and this is great!

Vincenzo Falconieri, 33yo


Certified ISTQB professional Tester

It’s an interesting experience and a great opportunity to work for App Quality! They give me the chance to earn a bit of money with a few hours of work. I have completed some campaigns and I can say that I have improved my attention to details and in general my testing skills.

Fabio, 22yo


Qualified Tester, Student

Everybody spends time using personal devices, so what’s better than be paid for that? Testing apps is a funny thing to do in the free time, but it’s not something to underestimate: it requires precision and dedication, but hardwork will always be rewarded. The App Quality team is amazing, they are always gentle and professional, and ready to solve any problem. This is also what makes this experience so unique!

Claudia, 21yo


Qualified Tester, Student